I specialize in math tutoring for elementary and 6th, 7th and 8th graders, but sometimes you may need help in another area.

Here are some tutors that I would highly recommend checking out if need tutoring services in these areas.

Linda Thelen - In person tutor, Loveland, CO area

A teacher, tutor, diagnostician, educational materials designer, and administrator for over 35 years, Linda Thelen delivers a unique combination of knowledge, expertise, passion, and insight through her work with students of all ages: K-12, college, adult.

E-mail:   lindathelen@comcast.net


Kathy Cousineau - online tutor specializing in teaching students with Learning Disabilities

-20 + years as a Learning Disabilities Specialist 

-I not only teach students with special needs but I am a mom of two young men that have disabilities, so I can totally relate to what you are going through.

-Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner




Sindu Bharathi -

Sindu teaches online Math and Statistics for high school and university students from the US, UK and Europe.


Alexa Imwalle- Online Reading Tutor 

Alexa specializes in teaching Kindergarten-5th grade reading skills online. She also works with students with Dyslexia. She is passionate about helping elementary school students close their reading gap by teaching them the skills necessary to become lifelong successful readers. 




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