Are you looking for a Math Tutor for your Gifted/Talented Elementary or Middle School Student?

Is your gifted/talented child bored to tears in their elementary math classroom? Do you have a child that can’t “get enough” of math and is ready for some advanced instruction to reach their full potential? Is your 4th grader ready for middle school or your 7th grader ready for High School Algebra 1 content and are you looking for enrichment beyond the usual websites, worksheets, and math videos?

I can help.  I'm a retired middle school math teacher who has helped numerous advanced students prepare for acceleration and grade level advancement. 

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gifted talented elementary math student

Both of my sons were doing well in math, so why hire a tutor? With schools struggling to figure out distance learning, we wanted to finish out the year strong and with academic rigor. Carrie was the perfect solution—she is professional, easy-to-work-with, patient, warm,

and makes learning fun! What really separates her is that she understands each child’s learning style and customizes her approach to maximize engagement and learning. Since we started working with her 10 weeks ago, my sons have finished their current grade and moved ahead to more advanced topics. My seventh grader has a firm foundation of High School Algebra 1 and my fifth grader does mental math in his head faster than anyone else in the family. If you’re looking for an online math tutor, I highly recommend her. She’s awesome. Thank you Carrie! - Darius N.

I start with a ADAM Math assessment  to discover your child’s appropriately challenging grade level, but more importantly I can find if your child has any skill gaps that may impede their progress. Then I create a customized/personalized plan designed to meet your student's goals faster.  In addition, I can help with enrichment and test prep as needed.  It's a win-win for everyone!  I look forward to helping you and your child! 

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